Family Resources

A collection of resources for families.


Books offer a safe starting point for discussing difficult topics. Within the pages of books, children uncover a realm of possibility where emotions are validated, and coping strategies are uncovered.


Books for siblings of children with illness, medical complexities or special needs

Special Brothers and Sisters: Stories and Tips for Siblings of Children with a Disability or Serious Illness

The Sibling Slam Book

Billy’s Sister


Hi, My Name is Jack

When Your Brother or Sister Has Cancer: A Guide for Teens  By National Cancer Institute

You Are Not Alone: Families Touched by Cancer 

Jamie’s Journey: Cancer from the Voice of a Sibling

Our Family Has Cancer Too! 


The Color Monster

My Many Colored Days

In My Heart

The Rabbit Listened

Hey Warrior

Hey Awesome

My Magic Breath

Mighty & Bright

Nothing Stays The Same, but that’s okay

Up and Down, Round and Round

Don’t Believe Everything You Think

The Bear is Not There

Today I Feel Silly & Other Moods that Make My Day

The Kissing Hand

The Invisible String

A Teaspoon of Courage for Kids: A Little Book of Encouragement for Whenever You Need It      

Rain Before Rainbows 

The Magical Yet


Grief and Loss

Forever Connected

The Invisible String

Death is Stupid

How High is Heaven?

The Memory Box

Something Very Sad Happened

After Charlotte’s Mom Died

What Does Grief Feel Like?

A Land Called Grief

My Yellow Balloon

Tear Soup

Sesame Street- Something Small & When Families Grieve

Fire in my Heart, Ice in my Veins

Healing Your Grieving Heart For Teens


Usborne Books

Going to the Hospital

Look Inside Your Body

Look Inside the Hospital

See Inside Your Body

Digging Deep

The Puddle Jumpers Guide to Kicking Cancer

Nowhere Hair

Mighty & Bright

What Happens When Someone I Love Has Cancer

What Happens When a Kid Has Cancer?

My Hair Went on Vacation

How Do You Care for Very Sick Bear?

My Parent Has Cancer and it Really Sucks


Dancing While Cancering

When Your Child is Sick: A Guide to Navigating the Practical and Emotional Challenges of Caring for a Child Who is Very Ill 

Children With Cancer: A Guide for Parents  By National Cancer Institute


Art with Heart Journal

Wreck This Journal

Gratitude Journal for Kids

Angel Catcher for Kids

Digging Deep

Organizations that Support Families

Casey Cares
Mighty & Bright
Child Life on Call
A Kid Again
Sesame Workshop
The Standish Foundation
Wonders & Worries
Victory Junction
Camp Care
Project Sunshine
Child Life Disaster Relief

Coping Tools

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